In this line of research we aim to obtain a better comprehensionof the dynamics of biomass and carbon storage in different uses and occupation of the soil in the Caatinga Biome. This way, quantifications of the biomass and of the carbon amount present in secondary forests, native pastures and cultivated areas as well as in the soil, have been calculated, evaluating the influence of the climates seasonality on the storage of this element.


    • Andréa Dardes de Almeida Castanho;
    • Deodato do Nascimento Aquino;
    • Eunice Maia de Andrade;
    • Helba de Araújo Queiroz Palácio;
    • Aldênia Mendes Mascena de Almeida.

In this line the following research is developed:

    • Carbon cycling and spectral characterization in areas of thinned and conserved tropical dry forest;
    • Structure and carbon storage in tropical dry forest vegetation: case study in an area with 30 years of regeneration;
    • Carbon storage in two systems of soil use and occupation in the Caatinga;
    • Importance of long term monitoring of the Caatinga biomass in face of climate change;
    • Effect of thinning in the production of fine root biomass in a fragment of the Caatinga Biome;
    • Does thinning promote the increase of plant biomass fragments of tropical dry forests?