In this line of research, aspects related to the conservation of natural resources are studied with the objective of finding sustainable ways to explore these resources. In order to achieve this, the hydrological response of microwatersheds submitted to different management regimes is investigated. The sustainability of land use, surface runoff coefficients, soil loss, loss of soluble nutrients associated to the soil due to surface runoff, biomass production, soil humidity conservation and rainfall pattern are also quantified.


    • Eunice Maia de Andrade;
    • Carlos Alexandre Gomes Costa;
    • Helba de Araújo Queiroz Palácio;
    • José Carlos Araújo;
    • Julio Cesar Neves dos Santos;
    • Joaquín Navarro Hevia;
    • Maria João Simas Guerreiro;
    • Pedro Henrique Augusto Medeiros.

In this area, the following researches are carried out:

    • Conditions for start of flow in semiarid microwatersheds under different management regimes;
    • Soil humidity dynamics under different soil uses in the Caatinga Biome;
    • Erosive processes in spring areas in the Caatinga Biome;
    • Effects of Caatinga vegetation on water and sediment flow;
    • Effective rainfall in different soil uses in the Caatinga Biome;
    • Hydrological responses of microwatersheds in the tropical semiarid;
    • Nutrient loss associated to sediment production runoff under different soil uses in the Caatinga Biome;
    • Carbon storage in sediments in the bottom of strategic reservoirs of the tropical semiarid.